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Must-read puberty prep with hilarious videos and Period Starter Kits

When my friend’s daughter was 8, she visited some cousins who, much to her dismay, taught her all about getting her period. It was the first she had ever heard about it and though my friend immediately recognized something was wrong, she refused to spill the beans.

It all came came gushing out several days later when they were at the grocery store. Finally, her daughter wailed: “Mom, is it true I’m really going to bleed…down there?”

Guaranteed if it happened to men, they’d have a nervous breakdown.

Starting your period is a rite of passage that has come a long way in the Internet’s information age and there are so many wonderful resources for parents to help prepare their daughters. Communities such as have everything from learning about your first period to a period calculator.

Companies like HelloFlo have joined in and recently launched their HelloFlo Period Starter Kit, a.k.a. the “gift before the gift” said Naama Bloom, HelloFlo Founder and the mother of two young children. “The Period Starter Kit provides parents and girls everything they need—from expert-written “Get Ready Guides” to Always products and even some candy for good measure—in a single package.”

In introducing the new Period Starter Kit, HelloFlo did what they do best by creating a HILARIOUS “First Moon Party” video. Following in the footsteps of “Camp Gyno,” which received more than 7 million views on YouTube, “First Moon Party” doesn’t disappoint in delivering a hysterical mini-drama of a first period moment without prep – encouraging parents to put down the uterus piñatas and pick up the Period Starter Kit.

First Moon Party Video.

periodstarterkitsThe HelloFlo Period Starter Kit is now available online at for $29.95 and is delivered with the following items included:

  • A box of Always Radiant Infinity Teen Pads
  • A pack of Always Thin Liners
  • “Get Ready Guide” for Parents
  •  “Get Ready Guide” for Girls
  • A cute canvas pouch for taking supplies on the go
  • A Bead for Life Sanyu Bangle Bracelet
  •  Surprise Gifts and Goodies

 As moms, empowering our girls for puberty means giving them the appropriate resources, products and information.

And a healthy dose of humor helps, too.