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PeeKoo—Making life a bit easier in the morning (and receive a 35% discount!)

Spring is finally here! I know most moms are feeling the same way I am right about now: bring on the warm weather! I don’t think I have ever had such a serious case of spring fever in my life. However, with spring comes the spring ahead in time change and it is quite a challenge to get up in the morning. It will be dark much later than usual for a couple months to come and the adjustment is hard on both kids and moms.

I thought about what could I recommend to moms to help make things easier this spring? Then, a lovely product came across my desk, The Peekoo. It’s a combination duvet cover and zip-on top sheet made in Boulder, Colorado. The product was inspired by the European-style of bedding (sans the top sheet) and provides for a simple morning of bed-making. Kids pull up the comforter and adjoining top sheet, throw on the pillows and wahala—the bed is made. It’s perfect for anyone running late in the morning, especially during those dark spring mornings.

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