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How You Can Join the Conversation with Denver Parents About Raising Kids

While parenting may be the most rewarding job on the planet, it can also be the most challenging. Most of us have stayed awake at night wondering if we said the right thing, or how we can help our child thrive at school, or how to approach a difficult conversation in an age-appropriate way. We tend to go with our gut.

Sometimes we celebrate small successes. Other times, we are racked with guilt. Sometimes we wish for an annual review just to gauge how we are doing, because to us, our children’s success and happiness are our responsibility. Our kids are counting on us.

So there is a growing community of parents that is purposefully engaging in the educational discussion about childhood development and the issues our children face in a complex, fast-paced world.

We are finding that while we cannot get annual reports on our progress as parents, we can build on our knowledge base, forming a more educated gut instinct.

Some Denver parents are engaging in the conversation about raising our children in the following ways: