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Four Easy Things Denver Parents can do to Protect their Children from Ozone Pollution

With high ozone levels looming this summer, parents should be aware that their children are one of the most susceptible groups to the health hazards of ozone. Children spend 50 percent more time outdoors in the summer months than adults do. This extended exposure on days with high ozone concentrations can lead to respiratory infections and reduced resistance to summer colds, even in healthy kids.

Plus for the 89,000 children in Colorado age one to 14 affected by asthma, the risks of an attack or irritation are even higher. Since children have a higher breathing rate, more ozone pollution is delivered to their lungs than to the lungs of adults. With all these factors combined, it’s important parents are aware of the ozone conditions on a daily basis and modify their behavior as well as their children’s activities if an Ozone Action Alert has been issued.

So, what can parents do to protect their children?

1. If your child has asthma, familiarize yourself with his/her asthma action plan and when to use an inhaler.

2. Limit outdoor activity for highly sensitive children on Ozone Action Alert days or schedule outdoor activities for mornings and evenings.

3. Choose lower impact activities on Ozone Action Alert days, like walking instead of