Young food critics cast their vote at Destination Hotels & Resorts (checkout their kid-friendly recipes)

Two of the harshest food critics I know live in my home and are both under the age of 8. It’s a daily struggle to sneak a morsel of something resembling health into their diet and often results in a complete surrender by dinner time. Yet, these two, picky eaters are absolutely thrilled to cast their vote at Friday’s recipe show-down at Destination Hotels & Resorts. This should be fun!

Boulder-based kids nutrition program is a contest contender with bite

A Boulder company’s kid-friendly nutritional website is in the running for a $10,000 grand prize from Michelle Obama’s campaign to combat childhood obesity. is one of 11 nationwide programs and the only entry accepted from Colorado in “The Apps for Healthy Kids” competition, a part of the first lady’s Let’s Move! The goal: developing engaging software that drives youths to eat better and be active. The site’s online tool “Pick Chow” engages, entertains and teaches kids ages 9 to 12 how to make balanced, healthy meals by dragging and dropping items onto a virtual plate. Then, an “Add It Up!” meter rates the nutritional value of their food choices and rates each breakfast, lunch and dinner from one to five stars...