Advanced newborn expert shares 5 must-haves and 5 “nice to haves” for baby’s nursery

I’m a first-time mom. While I’m totally in love with my five-month-old, I can’t stand excessive amounts of baby stuff or the clutter it creates. There seems to be a gadget for everything related to babies. (Hmm-bottle sterilize? Hot water and soap has been working for generations.) You could easily spend a mini fortune and fill every gap of space in your home with baby related items. When it came to baby gear, I adapted the “less is more” philosophy because of…. 1)    My “Type-A” Personality- I like our house neat, clean and organized. Less stuff makes that easier for me. 2)    The Need to Save Money and Space- Enough said. 3)    Our Need for Adult Space & Sanity-At day’s end, I want to drink a glass a wine with my hubby and act like a well-...

3 Easy Steps For A Greener Baby Nursery

A 2012 article by ABC News found 300 chemicals in the air of a newly decorated baby nursery. And today we know that children’s rapidly growing bodies are uniquely susceptible to the potentially harmful effects of these chemicals. Here are three simple ways to limit chemicals and design a greener nursery for baby: