night terrors

Night terrors: Because sleep isn’t already impossible to get

If you’ve always wanted to experience what it might like to be in a Stephen King novel, I highly recommend that you find a toddler with night terrors. There’s no experience quite like a terrified toddler in the middle of the night when you’re half-awake and disoriented. One minute you’re asleep, the next you’ve got a baby in your arms screaming like you’re a 40-foot spider. If you’re like me and afraid of everything in your own home after midnight then night terrors can be unsettling. For this reason I did some research and put together a mostly factual guide about night terrors to highlight some understanding of the issue. Night terrors versus nightmares

Mama Drama: Night Terrors

Dear Mama Drama: My 3 1/2-year-old son recently had an episode of night terrors. His older sister went through her share of them but nothing of this magnitude. About 90 minutes after he went to bed, we awoke to his screaming. He was absolutely hysterical: crying, flailing and still asleep. We tried to calm him down but it took 30 very scary minutes before he snapped out of it. I have heard different advice. Some recommend waking the child up, others say to just watch him closely and talk in reassuring tones until he goes back to sleep. What do you recommend? ~Terror-fied Mama (Photo Credit) Dear Terror-fied: Night terrors can be very scary experiences for parents. Watching your child in terror can leave you feeling helpless and unnerved. Most of us have experienced nightmares and have comf...