Naptime Wars: Your Guide to Less Stress, More Sleep

The rubbing of eyes, crying over a tumbled block, and more whining than usual… it’s nap time! Even when it is obvious your child is exhausted and in desperate need of a rest, sometimes they still kick, scream and fight when it’s time to go down for their nap. By two years old most children have transitioned into only needing one nap a day, typically in the afternoon. As they get older, 25% of children by the age of three will no longer need a daily nap. Another 50% of children will no longer require a nap by the age of four and the remaining 25% of children may still need a nap until the age of five or six. Mayo Clinic in Minnesota recommends that toddlers get 12-14 hours of sleep, in a 24-hour period. If your child sleeps 10 hours at night, then aim for approximately a 2-hour nap. I...

Mama Drama: Toddler Naptime Dilemma – To Nap or Not to Nap?

Dear Mama Drama: When do kids stop napping? My two and a half year old son has been resisting falling asleep for about a week now but if he does fall asleep, he’s out for 1-2 hours. How do I know if he needs it still? He’s a nightmare around 5 if he doesn’t nap. Suggestions?? ~Stumped Mama (photo credit) Dear Stumped: Napping is a