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Field Trippin’, Haunted Hayrides, Fall Festivals & Celebrity Moments at Miller Farms

Hey peeps—I’ll try not to be snotty and talk down to you, however that might take some effort.   I was, after all, on Fox 31 news the other night and am pretty sure there’s some talent agents out there looking for my phone number as I type.  Okay, so I probably should mention that I was in a field about fifty feet from the camera, and the interviewer chose a cute perky teacher with good camera hair instead of  me, but you could see my white shirt from a distance and according to Billy, that counts as being on TV.

It’s not every day a stay-at-home mom like me gets on the news, so it was quite exciting.  As soon as the segment came on I screamed for the whole household to come watch. Did I mention my first-born Jack was also around when Fox 31 was about to make me famous?  He came running downstairs, hoping to see himself.  I was hoping to see me.   When it was all over, one of us was happy, and one of us in a Darth Vader tee shirt was not.  My words were his only comfort.

“But Jack, at least MOMMY was on the news.  Isn’t that exciting?  You could see me clearly and even if it was only from behind, everyone has to know that was ME!”