Mama Tech Talk: Best Apps For Learning Math

Most kids dislike math. I hated math growing up. It is a necessary skill to learn but yet can be incredibly frustrating for both children and parents. I remember having many melt downs in my jr high years over algebra. Math is such a “building block” subject – each concept builds on the one before. If any of the building blocks are weak, the subsequent ones come crumbling down. Here are some apps that turn math into fun and games, but still accomplish a learning purpose. The following list is some of my favorites I’ve reviewed this year.

Penny store

If your kids are learning to add, about money, or to be an entrepreneur, suggest a penny store. Save your pennies, and get ready for big fun. Supplies: Sticky notes for prices Pencil or pen Table or bench for the “store” Cash register (if you have one) Items to sell — see below Pennies ( – nickels and dimes for older kids) for the seller and the buyer in purses, containers or pockets What to sell: beads and pipe cleaners to make bracelets matchbox cars books Polly Pocket stuff rocks recycled supplies for art projects cut up words for poems toys that didn’t get put away throughout the week ANYTHING except your little sister Now, for the pricing. Start out with one penny per item. When the “customer” buys three penny items, the seller will total it up. 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Play. Be sure...