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M&M Math (or Chex Mix or Fruit Loops)

Sort, count, add and compare . . . with food! Okay, m&m’s aren’t very healthy – think of the motivation to snack and count at the same time. Or you could try these activities with Chex Mix, jelly beans, Fruit Loops, or trail mix. (Am I on a food kick or what?)

Grab your m&m bag and try these fun math activities.


  • Sort the m&ms into color groups.
  • Draw circles around the groups.
  • Count

First and second graders

  • Estimate how many total and in each group
  • Sort the groups
  • Compare – Greater than? Less than? Equal?
  • Add the groups together
  • Subtract one color group from the total amount

Third and up

  • Estimate total and in each group
  • Sort into groups
  • Graph
  • Divide the total into equal groups. Two groups, three groups, four groups

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