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PMS Is Your Friend…A Humorous Pregnancy Guide for Dads

Lamaze: do I really need to do this?

Let me start by saying that during our first pregnancy, MRS and I attended an Over 30 Lamaze class which allowed us to meet a lot of new friends and realize that we were not the only couple in the world without tongue rings and lower back tattoos having kids. Other than that, from the male perspective, Lamaze was a total waste of time. This statement, of course, excludes you if you happen to be the OCD type that needs every morsel of information on every aspect of life in order to function.

If you are like me, a whisper closer to a go-with-the-flow mentality, you do not need Lamaze; but you need to take the class, regardless. From a CYA perspective, attending said class will be one of the endless and often confusing aspects of pregnancy-life that we men just have to endure. We do these things out of love, out of respect, and out of sheer uncompromised terror. Plus, if you happen to find yourself in a high-risk pregnancy, or dealing with unusual circumstances, you’’ll be best served to be as informed as possible.