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You’re Not Welcome: Are We Raising Mannerless Kids?

I’m about to acknowledge something that a lot of parents are thinking, but few will actually say out loud.  But I believe the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have one and, America…we have a real problem.  So, here goes.

Our children are incredibly rude.

Manners…What Emily Post Knew (and You Should Too!)

I recently made a most amazing discovery – a treasure, if you will – hidden deep in the suburban basement of a neighbor’s home. No, I wasn’t in search of a valuable find…it was just random luck as I assisted good friends and neighbors in the clearing of cobwebs in preparation for their summer company. The unexpected find was a serendipitous bonus.

“Manners are the way we communicate good intentions.”

Wise words from another friend of mine, spoken to our children. Being that this particular friend was from another country and English was a second language made it all the more interesting. I began to ponder the vast importance of this politeness stuff…making translation unnecessary.