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My First Major Parenting Fail

I’ve had more than a few minor parenting fails so far:  I’ve put a diaper on backwards. I’ve stuck his foot in his own waste. I’ve poured milk into bottles with no bottoms, twice.  I’ve set our sleep training schedule back a few times because of either my need to hold him RIGHT NOW, or because I am not watching the clock. I’ve accidentally scratched him.  He peed on our kitchen knives! All of them!  I’ve gotten frustrated, I’ve gotten stressed, I’ve fallen asleep when I shouldn’t have.

Still these fails are minor at best. Right? Minor until recently when I had a major parenting fail.  See, I went to Park Meadows Mall. PARK MEADOWS FREAKING MALL.  In my mind, I saw the mall as a peaceful sanctuary of elegant piano music, shiny floors and fun lights for my three month old son to stare in wonder at.

Expectation: SPA.