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Bubble experiments

Scientists are great observers. So are writers. Why not combine the two? Get out your bubbles, your thinking cap and a notebook!

Experiment #1: Homemade bubbles vs. store bubbles

Homemade bubble directions:
1 cup water
2 Tablespoons dish soap

Test which make the longest, biggest, bubbles. Write down observations.

Experiment #2: Best bubble wands

store bought
pipe cleaner shapes
plastic lids with the middle cut out
“Pipe” cup and straw – insert straw into a small hole at the bottom, dip top of cup into solution and blow into the straw

Record observations. My daughter who is 7, wrote down smiles and frowns for her results. If your child is older, get fancy by polling friends and graphing the results.

Experiment #3: Writing similes

Bubbles look like . . .
(a globe)

List as many comparisons as possible.

Experiment #4: Write an alliteration poem with “b” words about bubbles


Bubbles blow
blue boats
Bye-bye, bubbles