Lori Holden

The Role of Mindfulness in Adoptive Parenting (and book giveaway)

MileHighMamas is pleased to reprint Part 2 of this 3-part interview, previously published in Foster Focus magazine. The conversation, held by Addison Cooper of Adoption at the Movies and Lori Holden (MileHighMamas’ own columnist) of LavenderLuz.com, is of interest to anyone parenting via adoption of any sort — domestic, international, foster — or by donor sperm, egg or embryo. Missed Part 1? Topics covered included how to handle the sometimes brutal online adoption world and how the author would update her adoption book in light of parenting now-teenagers. Read Part 3 here. Dealing with Common Fears about Openness in Adoption

Considering Open Adoption? What You Should Keep in Mind

What do parents need to consider when entering into an open adoption? What about contact agreements? How has social media changed open adoption? Q&A interview.

I’m Raising Somebody Else’s Child

After my daughter's birth, I couldn't shake the feeling I was raising another woman's child. Here's the shift in thinking that made all the difference.

Random Thankfulness: An Oddball List

Gratitude for random things and people this Thanksgiving. How about you -- what off-the-beaten-path things are you thankful for?

Local author and her child’s birth mom achieving success with adoption guide

Local author and nationally acclaimed open adoption advocate Lori Holden responds to questions about her new book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption.