Lakewood High School

Katy Perry at Lakewood High School: Students, faculty get private concert

With cheers and smartphones rising from the audience, pop star Katy Perry took the makeshift stage in the raucous Lakewood High School gym before sunrise Friday morning. One part pep rally, another part arena pop concert, the show drew howls of excitement from Lakewood High students as the singer ran through a paper banner and onto an enormous stage decked out in tiger stripes in honor of the school mascot. Lighting rigs and camera crews and a sea of students filled the gym. It could have been the Pepsi Center if not for the Lakewood High School banner hanging from the scaffolding. “It was so exciting, and to be honest, I cried twice because I was happy that everyone was so happy,” said Lakewood sophomore Jessica Jennett.

Lakewood High School roars — and more — to win Katy Perry concert

They made a “lip dub” video, entered it into a national contest and won the big prize — a concert in their own school gym by recording star Katy Perry. That was beyond cool. But that was just the beginning. Students at Lakewood High School gathered at 5:30 a.m. Friday to watch Perry announce the winner from among five finalists and more than 1,000 submissions via live TV hook-up on “Good Morning America,” which sponsored the contest challenging high schools to produce videos geared to her uplifting hit called “Roar.” They erupted when they heard the news that the star would be appearing there a week later.