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Must-haves for school: KiDECALS self-adhesive name labels (win them!)


Keeping track of our kids is tough enough. Keeping track of their belongings is even tougher.

That’s why I was thrilled to learn about Boulder mom Hilary Chandler’s entrepreneurial venture: KiDECALS. These affordable self-adhesive name labels are dishwasher- and washing-machine proof and can easily be applied to anything you don’t want to lose.

Note: Mind not included.

Hilary literally dreamed up the concept during her last trimester of pregnancy. One morning in between wake and sleep, she fitfully dreamt about how she was going to decorate her baby’s room. As an artist, she wanted to paint elaborate murals all over the walls. As a pregnant lady with a stomach too unwieldy to even think about climbing a ladder, she wanted a simply installed mural that could change as easily as her child’s interests would undoubtedly change. In her dream, she saw herself peeling and applying a mural to the wall.

Shortly after her baby boy was born, KiDECALS was born too and she offered an easy and affordable way to create hand-painted, whimsical murals. When her children started school, Hilary saw another need she wanted to fill: an easy way to label all of the stuff her children seemed to lose (water bottles, tupperware, gloves, jackets, toys, gear, etc.)

KiDECALS now also makes custom name labels called Name Dots: colorful, personalized, self-adhesive labels. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and themes to suit any interest and aesthetic. Hilary adds regularly to the designs and loves to do custom order. For $25 you receive 30 two-inch dots and 58 one-inch dots.

All KiDECALS decals are designed and made in Colorado. Instant Murals are made on a phthalate free material printed with eco sol inks. Name Dots are made on a non-toxic vinyl also printed with eco-sol inks.

KiDECALS is offering a $50 gift card that could be used for labels, wall decals, bumper stickers, stationary labels, custom party stickers, luggage labels and more. Please go here to enter. Contest deadline is September 6, 2010. You may enter up to five times.