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Weathering a Wonderful Storm!

Kristine Kahanek loves everything weather! She’s a 20-year veteran television meteorologist and author of the celebrated children series Katie and the Magic Umbrella. Furthermore, she is a mom just like us, trying to do it all in 2010!

At this point in Kristine’s career, she has come to realize that her energy is best spent educating children about her passion, weather! She wants them to overcome their fear of storms.  Her current venture brings Kristine inner strength and peace knowing that she is leaving something for future generations of her family.

This second release focuses on winter storms—perfect for February in Colorado. MHM spoke with Kristine this week about her latest release, Katie and the Magic Umbrella: On Snowflake Trail. We wanted to get the dish on her latest book tour in Denver, who has crazier weather, the adorable red locks and where we can catch a reading of her latest book.

Kristine: If my husband and I didn’t work in Texas, we’d live in Denver. We have very good friends in Denver and we love to ski, the outdoors and the mountains. Heck, we’d like to retire in the mountains someday. We just love Denver. It’s in the perfect location.

MHM: We think we have pretty interesting weather here in Colorado. Then again, you get some nasty storms in Texas. You update your blog constantly on Texas weather. But, you know we have some stiff competition when it comes to wacky storms. Who has the more severe weather?

Kristine: Mmm. . . between Texas and Colorado . . .