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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Kool-aid Hair Dyeing for Tweens

I think most of us have a little rebel in us.

koolaidsuppliesRecently, my tween daughter asked me if she could die her hair… with Kool-Aid. Ahhh. That’s the kind of rebel I can handle!

The idea of coloring hair with a drink packet was new to me, so we went where everyone goes searching for great ideas: Pinterest! And I was quickly schooled on Kool-Aid Hair Dyeing. So many strategies! So many photos! So many instructions! And still, it seemed simple enough so we pressed on.

Here is our experience and the results:

Preparation: Gather 1-5 Kool-Aid packets depending on the color of your hair and if you’ll be coloring all hair on just a section/tips. (Darker hair needs more color.) What’s fun about this is that the investment of time and money is extremely low. Kool-Aid packets cost about $.20 each.

koolaid1You’ll also need an old towel, plastic gloves, a small bowl, a basting brush (or similar), conditioner, water, and foil or plastic wrap.

The Process: Wrap shoulders with the towel so that skin and clothes don’t get stained. With gloves on, mix the Kool-Aid packet with conditioner and water to make a smooth paste. (This isn’t an exact science, just eye-ball it.)

Apply to desired hair sections of hair using basting brush and wrap with foil or plastic wrap. Keep on hair for a minimum of one hour and as long as overnight if you’re applying the mixture at night.

The Effect: We saw some pretty amazing pictures on Pinterest and believe it or not our results we’re better than expected for our first run! You can get a fun burst of color that last for just a few days.

Notes: When you rinse out the mixture, you cannot use shampoo or the color will wash right out. I’d recommend trying this on freshly washed hair and then enjoy the color until your next shampoo. If you decide to leave in overnight, do be sure to protect clothing and pillows etc.

Part of growing up is doing fun and even non-permanent “rebellious” things. I’m glad this is one that we’ve added to our list!koolaid

If you’ve tried this or something similar please leave a comment with results {either good or bad}!

NOTE: Although all of my online research on this topic stated that Kool-Aid is a temporary hair color, on talking to a hair stylist we discovered that the chemical reaction is actually permanent. THINK BEFORE YOU COLOR!  Doing just the tips turned out to be a great decision, that way when you’re done with the color you can just cut it out if necessary.

Jenna lives in Littleton with her husband and two kids. She’d much rather spend money on a vacation than on groceries. And she’d much rather be on vacation than cooking. You can see more from her at