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I’m No Dance Mom…Enrichment Activities – When Do You Push and When Do You Stand Back?

From a young age, my daughters have always been involved in extra-curricular activities. I’ve never pushed them or chosen for them, rather given them choices and opportunities to pick.

They played sports for as long or as short as they wanted, with an emphasis on learning the game and having fun over winning.

Yes, I’m that parent.

I know a wide variety of parents who push their children into specific sports and make them continue on, even when the kids lose interest. Or keep them in an activity or discipline to build a certain skill or talent. I’m not necessarily talking Dance Moms, just those parents who keep their kids going in an activity throughout their childhood…with or without a specific end goal. Some children burn out in this situation while others thrive.

I’ve always encouraged my children to try as many activities as they want. My only rule is they can only commit