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Kids & Cars: 20+ Boredom Busters for your Holiday Road Trips

Family getaways into the mountains can be amazing and relaxing, at least once you arrive! Kids and car rides can lead to chaos or make wonderful family memories. The challenge of spending time in an enclosed car space with little physical movement can be difficult for even short rides. Any parent can have a panic attack if facing hours in a car with kids. Sure you could just pop in a DVD, but why not establish car time as a unique time to bond, learn to use car time creatively and quietly, or actually learn something. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Quiet Activities

Thanksgiving Table Tricks –Entertain Your Guests with After Dinner Science

The meal is wrapping up, the dishes are in the sink and everyone is sitting around the table waiting for the pie to come out. Now is the perfect time to stand up and amaze your family with a few science “tricks” using materials found in your kitchen. Remember that you shouldn’t try these experiments at home…do them at a friend’s home. Singing Glasses and Move a Match with Your Mind If you like to annoy all of your dinner guests by running your finger along the rim of a wine glass to make it sing, you’ll soon have your friends convinced that you