Learn How to Golf with Get Ready Golf in Just Five Short Sessions

Not that I would bag on my ex (who would do that?!??) who often proclaimed me un-athletic. But I do believe this was his deep-seated belief that I might beat him at something that was typically reserved for just him and his buddies – GOLF. Ladies were not included and the day typically was one where he would leave the house early (and leave me at home with the kids) while he and the guys would go out having fun. Grrr. I wanted to have fun too. Fast forward to just a few short years past divorce and I have been offered the opportunity to learn to play golf with the PGA’s Get Golf Ready program. I have discovered golf is amazingly fun and with great teaching (from Jamie  at Highlands Ranch Golf Club) and I have realized I am pretty OK at the game. Golf can be a lot of fun fo...

Just Like Mom’s: A Quick & Easy Meatloaf Recipe That Your Kids Will LOVE

Warm, filling meatloaf is the classic comfort food.  You most likely have a favorite recipe, whether its a family recipe passed down from grandma, or the kid-approved version that you’ve picked up along the way that you now call yours.  If not, or if you’re just looking for a new spin on the classic this recipe is for you.  With only using four ingredients (salt and pepper are freebies) which you probably already have in your fridge and pantry, this meatloaf is ready from start to finish in only 45 minutes!