Pondering Beets: What’s On Your Plate?

Everyone has heard, and probably spoken, the phrase “I have too much on my plate right now.”  I know I’ve said it hundreds of times in my life, but for some reason it’s really resonated with me lately.  I was talking with a friend about the concept a few weeks ago and that conversation helped me finally understand what it means.  Ever since this conversation with my friend, I’ve been evaluating what exactly is on my plate right now because I know for sure it’s completely full.  I’m talking no room for even one scrawny string bean. So, I started thinking about all of these things on my plate, hoping that I could find some wiggle room:  kids, husband, job, the organization I’ve been building this year: Raising Little Heroes, marathon training, friend...

How to Balance It All (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Supposing all priorities were created equal, your day may look something like this: 4 hours at work, 4 hours with kids, 4 hours for hubs, 4 hours blogging, 4 hours for me; and 4 hours for sleep. But guess what? All priorities are not equal. Plus,