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5 Amazingly Kid-friendly Smartphone and Tablet Cases

While most of us work to limit how often our kids use portable computers, sometimes the option to let our child sit quietly and play a fun educational game is a real sanity-saver during a busy day. Or, during the school year, letting the kids play a math game to supplement their current written work can simply make a difficult subject just a bit more fun and interactive.

The biggest hesitation most moms have when it comes to handing over their precious handheld devices is the fear of breakage. Thank goodness kid-friendly cases! Below are some of my favorite disaster-averting iDevice cases for kids.

App Spotlight Roundup: 11 Great Apps for Moms and Kids

Do you troll the app store at least once a week looking to add new ones to your collection or are you always looking for great apps that help your kids get excited about learning? I know I certainly do both on a regular basis. Then again, I do admit, I am an app-aholic.

We’ve got a great roundup for your today – especially note the first two on the list – both are produced by local developers! If we don’t share your current favorite, please let me know about your latest finds in the comments below!

Do Tablets and Smartphones Help Kids Learn?

Those of you who love all things tech will know that this week CES International 2012 took place. I was thrilled to be able to attend. Let me just say there are a whole lot of exciting products launching for kids (and moms and dads, too)! I’m still processing all the amazing gadgets I got to try out and learn about, so I’m going to hold off until the next post to give you a thorough look at the hot technology you should know about.