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I Like the New Year and I Like this Book!

Let’s start out the New Year right! That’s why I chose the i like book for kids. What a clever little endeavor for the New Year. It’s more like a workbook for parents and child. Spiral bound and available in four colors (pink, purple, blue and green), it’s the modern day version of a choose your own adventure . . . better yet, memory.

The book is dedicated to honoring the love within families in a 12-month journal format. Each day there is a page for parents to write what they like about their child. You start by labeling the month and year you would like to begin the book.

Day 1: i like . . . the way Max cleans up his room. Day 2: i like . . . how thoughtful Max is with his peers. It goes on like this for the entire month with space for each day and two comments from the parents. At the end of each month is a multitude of pages. Some months include cute little facts, others have quotes from children and places for photos, others include a story.

It’s pretty darn precious and thoughtful for the family. Children will always be able to