5 homework apps that make the grade (and save your sanity)

Now that we’re well into the school year, you and your kids are probably coming to terms with the homework load. There’s no app to help your kids carry their books, but there are apps that can help you and your child keep track of all those homework assignments. There are even a few that can lend a hand when your kids need help with math formulas you’ve long forgotten. MyHomework iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows 8, Web, Kindle; Free MyHomework lets you track homework assignments and classes. When you add an assignment or test you can indicate the class, due date (time optional), and priority level (color-coded as low, medium or high). You can set up reminder alerts, which are saved to your calendar. You can then see your homework assignments by your calendar or in a queue b...

Must-have Apps For Back-to-School

School days are here and if it’s one word that’s on our mind as parents, it’s “organization.” Keeping the kids on task with their homework, remembering meetings, asking the kids if they did their homework, grocery shopping, helping the kids finish their homework. Well, you get my drift. In lieu of this impending reality, the question I’ve heard lately is: “Are there any apps that can help me stay organized in regards to my kid’s school schedules and assignments?” And my answer is, “Absolutely.” Below I’ve listed some of my favorite picks.

Simple ways to stop daily homework battles

A new school year has begun, which inevitably means homework. Well, in my case, the teacher smartly did not assign any homework to my newly minted fourth-grader in the first week of school. It was enough for her to get used to a new classroom, a new teacher, and attempt to cope with the fact that her BFFs are in other classrooms, located in other galaxies, far, far away. But I know it’s coming. I sense the tantrums brewing. Fortunately,

Mama Drama: Homework H-E-Double Toothpicks!!

Dear Mama Drama: My nine- year-old daughter takes an excessive amount of time to do her homework every day. If she would just do the work, she would be done in thirty minutes to an hour. Instead, she whines, complains, cries, fights, distracts herself, etc., for hours on end. By the time she is done we are all angry and exhausted and her self-esteem is in the toilet. (photo credit) She does have a significant amount of homework assigned, but it all should be work she is capable of completing on her own.  I know she needs to go out and play, but she spends so much time avoiding her work that she never gets outside. I am at a loss and hate the way this homework issue is impacting all of us. I don’t want to bother her teachers because they always seem so busy already. ~ Homework Hating Mama (...

Back to School Best Books

Twenty minutes a day. It’s the standard homework assignment.  With good reason — practice makes “better.” Only, it’s not a happy time at my house. My daughter (A.) has not inherited my passion for books. Since I began reading, I have read for fun, pleasure, escape, and learning.  A. not so much. And, the irritating thing is that I’ve done all the “right things” – read to her at bedtime, during the day, standing on my head, and all around town. We’ve made weekly library visits, checking out bags full of books. We have books everywhere — collected from yard sales, used book stores, and new book stores. I read myself – which is good modeling for her. Right? But, I digress. This post is about books – and a picture books to help kids like mine who struggle with reading, ...