The Homesick Parent: Summer Camp and the Lonely Mom

Allow me to paint a picture of what my life is about to look like. I will be able to go to the pool and bring a random assortment of trashy magazines to read at my leisure.  No one will scream, “Mom!  He just hit me!” from somewhere in the house the moment I sit down to go to the bathroom.  I will be able to eat dinner at 8:00 PM if I want to and eat an Oreo on my couch without someone saying, “I thought you said not to do that.”

Mama Drama: Homesick Help

Dear Mama Drama: My daughter wants to go to sleep away camp this summer for a week, but I’m not sure she’s ready. She struggles with homesickness when she spends one night with a friend. I want her to have this opportunity and want to find ways to help her succeed. Any ideas? ~Tethered Mama (photo credit) Send your Mama Drama questions to [email protected] Dear Tethered Mama: Children develop a readiness to sleep away at different ages. I love that you are encouraging your daughter’s desire to go to sleep away camp by seeking ways to support her. Often the first night or two is the hardest and it gets easier as they get into the groove of things. I would start by talking with her about the things she is looking forward to about going to camp. Focusing on specific activities and indepe...