Deck the Halls With Hopeless Holiday Photos

I stood looking at the holiday photos of my friend’s children. They were sitting still with perfect smiles. Not a single hair was out of place. Their clothes were on. I wondered how they did that. Maybe the children in the photo weren’t real.

THE POLAR EXPRESS Delivers Big Holiday Fun for Colorado Families

For years, the Colorado Railroad Museum has been a popular destination for railway lovers of all ages. Fans of all things chugga-chugga and choo-choo always find something interesting to explore as the museum is constantly restoring and adding to their deep collection of railway cars, engines, and artifacts. They host many creative and innovative events throughout the year. Fittingly, they are capping off another fantastic year of fun with something extraordinary. For the first time, the Colorado Railroad Museum is hosting THE POLAR EXPRESS™ experience. It is more than just a train ride. It’s a theatrical re-telling of the beloved modern holiday classic written by Chris Van Allsburg, which was adapted into a film in 2004. Elements of both are incorporated into every thoughtful detail...

Thankful Things for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again where we all declare what we’re thankful for. And though most of us will stop along the year to reflect on things or moments, it’s this time of year that really brings the giving and goodness out in people. Unless, of course, you’re shopping during any Black Friday sales. Then, it’s every person for themselves.

Trunk or Treat FAIL

Last year I took my kids to a Trunk-or-Treat at a nearby high school. The event had been advertised for almost a month and promised treats, fun and games. I naturally assumed it would be a good fit for my two-year-old. A nice introduction to understanding the rewards for having to wear itchy ladybug antennae. For those of you unfamiliar with Trunk-or-Treating, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Going from car to car to get candy. Where your biggest disappointment is how many accidental lug nuts end up in your child’s goodie bag. It’s supposed to be a one-stop-shop for Halloween carnival and trick-or-treating. This Trunk-or-Treat had none of those things, unless you consider rain, cold and no indoor backup plan part of fun and games. It, for a lack of a better term, sucked. So, to those high...

Downtown Denver during the holidays: one of my favorite things

My daughter Hadley and I recently had what felt like a” New York Moment” in Denver. We’re suburbanites and venture downtown every couple of months but usually for an express purpose–not to just wander and explore. We walked for miles, only slowing down to eat, shop and savor the many, many Colorado moments. A few of our favorites included: Christkindl Market Visit the 13th annual Denver Christkindl Market in the heart of downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall. Once upon a time, I served an 18-month-long LDS mission in Switzerland and this quaint German Christmas market’s music, food, holiday lights and old-world vendors made me relive the fairy tale. Hadley and I bought handmade Christmas decorations, drank cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, devoured cinnamon-sug...

This Holiday Season, Ho-Ho-Hold On and Think Before You Eat

One for you… one for me. One for you…two for me. One for you… three for me.  That’s my philosophy on Christmas cookies.  I’ve never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like.  I actually celebrate Hanukah but cookies, I have found, are very inclusive. It also seems to be my philosophy on (just kill me now) Thanksgiving pie—whether it’s apple, blueberry, pecan, or yummy pumpkin pie. Mm-mmm! I confess, I always put on a few pounds in November and December, and it’s amazing how much harder it is to get those couple pounds off then it was to put them on. But this year has to be different. This year I am training for a spring marathon, and I don’t want any extra baggage weighing me down.  

HoneyBaked Ham Giveaway: Win a $50 Gift Card!

I was excited when I was contacted by HoneyBaked Ham to do a Mile High Mamas promotion. I haven’t had their succulent, juicy ham in years but the best part? Not only was I invited to throw a little soiree for my family but I also have a $50 gift card I’m giving away to one lucky reader (enter below)! Thanksgiving was a bit of a bust at our place. My husband’s sister had back surgery a few days prior so she was in a lot of pain and left prematurely. This week, we are juggling holiday craziness and my husband’s birthday as we try to schedule a time to get together to exchange gifts with his siblings because we won’t be celebrating Christmas together. Our solution? Why not throw a failed-Thanksgiving/husband birthday/early-Christmas dinner sponsored by HoneyBaked...

The Colorado Ballet’s The Nutcracker Enchants All

A holiday season without The Nutcracker is a few twirls short of magical. Generations have made listening to Tchaikovsky’s familiar suite part of their celebrations. I love how here in Colorado, we have the world-class Colorado Ballet dedicated to performing The Nutcracker for families. Not only can we hear the lovely, poignant, energetic score, we can see it how it was meant to be seen: With wonder, with skill, with love, though dance. I was excited to take my ten-year-old son, Joel, to a recent performance at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The Nutcracker has a reputation for being a great mommy-daughter date. Of course, ladies of all ages filled the expansive theater dressed in their holiday best, but there were plenty of guys on hand experience the fun. I think it’s really ...

12 Days of Toddler Christmas

As Christmas rounds the corner, I find myself officially on the other side of the Christmas magic. That doesn’t mean Christmas has no magic left. It simply means that after the Christmas magic dust has settled to the floor, I have to clean it up. With a broom. Because my three-year old shows the same amount of fear towards the vacuum as I would, if I opened my pantry and found an actual shark inside. The side of Christmas I’m talking about  is the day-to-day side: Hey, hey! It’s Christmas! Also, it’s Tuesday! Did you pay the utility bill? I don’t know who wrote the Christmas carol: “Twelve Days of Christmas.” But, I’d be willing to bet both the giver and recipient were adults. Not just because a verse from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star doesn...

Scandalous Holiday Season Confessions

You know it’s the holiday season when a certain local radio station—the call letters rhyme with NOSI—busts out sleighbell-laden songs. ‘Tis the season to deck the rooftops with partridges. I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any holiday that falls during this time of year. If Administrative Assistants Day fell during November and December, I’d totally get an Administrative Assistants Coffee Mug Tree and string it with paper clips. I’d sing carols like, “Carol of the Tasteful Ringtones.” I guess I’m in a partying mood at the end of each year. However, there are certain norms and rules regarding this time of year. Sometimes, I fear I’m doing the holidays wrong. Or, I get irritated by some of the traditions and only begrudgingly cele...

Tips for a healthy Thanksgiving feast

The holiday season is almost upon us and I personally sense a little more pressure around the waistline. Why? I just returned from a mother-daughter “tea party” Girl Scout camp and let’s just say the scones and cream were good (so were the lemon bars and smores). Too good. And there were lots of crafts but not enough hiking and moving around. And there’s still Halloween candy lurking around our house that I found myself dipping into upon our return. And now Thanksgiving Day is nearly upon us. My daughter doesn’t have school at all this week due to professional development days tacked onto the holiday week. The stress. The candy. What is one to do?

42 Ways to Recapture Childhood Holiday Wonder

1. Save the wishbone. 2. Eat the dark meat. 3. Get dirty, wet, and cold on purpose, leaving a flock of snow angels behind. 4. Appreciate your cousins. Play with them. 5. Celebrate Snoopy Thanksgiving. 6. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Make sure to high-kick with the Rockettes. Or low-kick. Or flick your toes. 7. Truly enjoy the sight and sound of coagulated cranberry oozing out of a can in one gelatinous cylinder. 8. Make a turkey with your handprints. 9. Wear mittens instead of gloves. 10. Make candy cane fangs. 11. Snoop

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