Holiday Stress

Have You Ever Suffered From Post Traumatic Holiday Disorder?

I have a picture of it, but you actually had to see it to believe it. My parents’ home, filled to the brim with holiday merriment and various people. Some related, some not, and in keeping with Southern tradition…some we’re still not sure about.

How to lower kids’ holiday stress

No, they’re not cooking or balancing budgets, but the busy holiday season can be exhausting for children, too. Here’s some advice from pediatricians: Emphasize the simple. Focus on the importance of time with family and friends, spirituality and special rituals at home — not on gifts, shopping, parades and parties. Keep them up on plans. Talk to kids in advance about events and trips on the horizon so they can mentally prepare. Volunteer. Giving back at a church, food bank or other charitable organization is almost always a feel-good, low-stress activity. Just say no. Don’t feel pressure to haul your kids to every party you’re invited to. The same goes for travel — it’s usually best to avoid long road trips to see every extended family member. Tone down the hype. Limit television specials ...