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Fun, healthy ways to mix up school lunches

It’s Monday morning and you’re standing in front of an open fridge with a cup ‘o joe and a blank stare. What to make the kids for lunch is your number one priority, but who has time or energy to conjure up inspired meals at a moment’s notice? You grab what you know, prepare and bag it, and send your kids on their way.

This is definitely a common scenario in today’s world but let’s take a moment to realize the opportunity we have at this time to make some changes. According to the CDC, obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States – that’s triple the rate from just one generation ago. Even if your children do not fall within the obesity category, this statistic is an indication of the environment and society that our children are growing up in and it’s our responsibility to guide our children to make healthier decisions.

However a complete overhaul isn’t necessary to make a difference. It’s the small daily changes that add up to make an impact. Check out our 5 Days of Kid-Friendly Lunches and incorporate a few of these extra tips to mix-up the school lunch routine and help your kids become excited about healthy foods. It may just be the ticket for a healthier and happier future for our next generation.