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Mama Drama: Expanding Food Choices for Your Picky Eater

Dear Mama Drama: (photo credit) My preschooler won’t eat anything except macaroni and cheese. I’m afraid to give him other things because if he doesn’t eat it he’ll be hungry. I see other children, even younger than him, eating a wide variety of foods. I am amazed that they will eat things like tofu and vegetables. How can I get my son to eat a wider variety of foods? ~Scared of starving Dear Scared: Many children have difficulty expanding their food choices once they have found a favorite food. Macaroni and cheese, PB & J, and mashed potatoes are common favorites. They may like the texture, smell, or associate a positive experience with that food. However, we have to offer them other foods on a regular basis if we want them to make other choices. Our job as parents is to provide healt...

Contest: Kidliga Dish Sets for Boy and Girl, Plus Cookbooks (a $70 value!)

Livliga is excited to give away classy dinnerware sets and a darling book for your kiddos this season.  It’s that time again! Mile High Mamas is always excited to present fellow mamas with a fun giveaway and this gift is so charming and on queue for family dinner this winter. Boulder-based Livliga. is introducing Kidliga, its newest line of dishware sets, and this time, the plates are right-sized for the tots in your home! May we present to you one of the cutest sets of dishes in the Mile High area! The first is adorned in blue accents, for the little Mr. in your world. It includes a plate, cup and bowl that don a boy fishing, a little turtle and a honeybee nest. The second has the same theme, but this time ornate with light pink for the little Miss. Both include the storybook, “Sammi...

This Holiday Season, Ho-Ho-Hold On and Think Before You Eat

One for you… one for me. One for you…two for me. One for you… three for me.  That’s my philosophy on Christmas cookies.  I’ve never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like.  I actually celebrate Hanukah but cookies, I have found, are very inclusive. It also seems to be my philosophy on (just kill me now) Thanksgiving pie—whether it’s apple, blueberry, pecan, or yummy pumpkin pie. Mm-mmm! I confess, I always put on a few pounds in November and December, and it’s amazing how much harder it is to get those couple pounds off then it was to put them on. But this year has to be different. This year I am training for a spring marathon, and I don’t want any extra baggage weighing me down.  

The #1 Way to Reduce Calories for Your Family

Fried foods, over-consumption and too much fat all add excess calories to our diets. But sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are, above all, the most consistent caloric contributor – no matter your child’s age, ethnicity or gender. What are sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)? SSBs are anything you drink that has added sugar, and can include beverages like soda, fruit juice and even fancy coffee drinks.  What’s wrong with sugar-sweetened beverages?