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6 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Trick-or-Treating on Halloween

In Colorado, we have terrible weather on Halloween.  Last year was the only exception in my memory.  No matter the weather, it’s important to keep you kids safe when trick-or-treating.  Here are six important rules for Halloween safety, rain or snow!

  1. Costume Safety: Wear face paint, not masks so vision is not obstructed.  Make sure the hem is not dragging so child won’t trip.
  2. Night Lights: Wear reflective clothes, costumes.  Carry flashlights, glow sticks and reflective bags.
  3. Road Rules: Look both ways before crossing and stay on the sidewalks.   Don’t approach or enter a car.  Never go inside a house.  Make sure you supervise children up to age 12.  )After age 12, suggest that they travel in packs a group or get a life?)
  4. Don’t eat the poisoned apple, Snow White: Only eat factory wrapped candy that cannot be opened.  Save candy eating for home so a parent can check and approve.
  5. Beware of Fire: Make sure you stay well away from jack-o-lanterns and luminarias.  Wear flame-retardant costumes.
  6. ID: Carry a cell phone and identification.

Rule reinforcement:  Give your child this (free) coloring and activity book on Halloween safety.

Be safe.  Happy Halloween!

Recently awarded the Scholastic Best Book and Reading Blog Award for her playful learning blog, Imagination Soup, Melissa Taylor is a learning junkie, recovering teacher, freelance writer and mom of two who lives in Centennial, CO.