Halloween costumes

Ladybugasaurus Rex: a costume suggestion for an indecisive toddler

I was assigned the challenging task of selecting a Halloween costume this year. I’m buying her costume because I can’t sew. I can glue like nobody’s business. But it’s too risky. I could construct the most amazing Mrs. Potato-head costume out of tacky glue, construction paper, foam and rubber cement; only to have it fall apart halfway through trick or treating. Because you never know when Colorado will decide that humidity should go from 0-95%. In a block and a half. Before it snows. At 95 degrees. Suddenly my child would stop getting treats. The homeowner, seeing her holding all her potato parts, would think she’s looking for a trash can. The last two years she’s been a lion. Wearing an adorable costume my mother-in-law sewed from scratch. This year her sister will...

Boo-tiful places to buy Halloween costumes in Denver

Does last year’s Halloween costume in your child’s closet seem wasted? Finding the right costume is crucial to your child’s trick-or-treating experience. Most of us would love to buy new but why not help the environment and go green this Halloween (and save some green!) Here are several different options to buy gently-used or new Halloween costumes in the Denver area. Used Don’t be scared by the high price of costumes. Be sure to take part in the 1st Annual Costume Swap in Broomfield October 5-7. Go to their Web site for drop-off and sale details. Whether you’re