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Halloween Treat Alternatives

And now we come to the controversial topic of Halloween candy.  Dun, duh, duh.  Also titled, Why I like to give out candy alternatives on Halloween.

First, Halloween candy is dangerous to certain people whose name I will not mention. I hear tell, that some times a person might buy some yummy candy a month in advance.  Sadly, the so-called sale doesn’t save that person any money because that person EATS all the candy before Halloween and then that person, who is now slightly fatter, must go back to the store and buy more stinkin’ Halloween candy.  Evil candy.

Second, Halloween candy, if not consumed at the event of Halloween, might also be consumed by aforementioned adult after Halloween, furthering depression, sugar addiction and self-loathing.  Dratted candy.

Third, of course, this blog is about kids.  Sugar rots teeth blah, blah, blah.  Sugar sends kids into comas, mood swings and all sorts of pre-werewolf behaviors, you know that already.  Bad Candy.  So what?

So, while I might be sugar-free (for a week now, pat, pat) — that doesn’t mean you  have to be.  But, using the same logic, just because you are a sugar lovin’ person, doesn’t mean I have to be.  Or your