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Almost Grown Kids: Seriously in a Different Place

This is what I am used to.  A teen daughter doing her teen thing.  My daughter has added a job to her list of attributes along with getting ready for her first prom.  My youngest is about to turn 11 next month and turning into a middle school typical boy.  Farting is funny and annoying his sister is a full-time job.  Why am I even discussing this?  Well, I’m being bombarded with blogs showing Naturals having their first babies and dealing with new marriages.  Sigh…I’m just in a different place.

It’s kind of funny to see these women discuss how they will raise their babies and how life is for them.  I get it.  You have it all figured out.  What they fail to realize is that the baby will come with his or her own personality and since you don’t know what that is yet;  you don’t know what the hell you are really getting into.  These are PEOPLE you will be raising.  I’m looking forward to their future posts for laughs.  I was once like them…