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How to Make a Recycled T-Shirt Bag

The Ecological Footprint

It is estimated that with the standards in which we are currently living, our yearly consumption is regenerated by our planet in one year and six months. This “overshoot” is a threat to the well-being of humanity and the health and sustainability of our planet. It’s an issue that is all too often unaddressed, set aside or completely ignored due to various factors.

Awareness and education…They are at the forefront of resolving this type of issue, and while I would greatly enjoy sharing all of my thoughts – and opinions – on this topic, I think the dilemma is best confronted in simplicity…one small change at a time (myself included!). So, rather than dive into a controversial, political or otherwise potentially contentious discussion, I’m going to veer of and share a recycling project – yes, I might be considering presidential candidacy in the future, wink!

T-Shirt Bag How-To

Healthy Holiday Traditions and Why Pink is the New Green

Of the things you’ll likely set your mind to this year, I would guess that your family’s health will likely be one…the sustainability of your children’s future on this planet Earth another. Which is exactly why I am going to attempt to convince you that you should establish a new holiday tradition centered on fitness – starting now – complete with fun festivities in non-trad. colors!

GREEN. It’s one of my very favorites and I use it everywhere I can – clothing, linens, toiletries, house paint, handbags…yes, quite liberally, with really just one exception: my thumbs. So, come March 17, I’m generally safeguarded from the random, traditional pinch. However, this year, I’m risking it all, putting a little spin on things and going out on a limb (or three owls on a tree branch – to be exact) for my GREEN InITiaTIvE…oh, in a lovely shade of PINK!

Sounds a little crazy, I know!

In the spirit of fun-loving competition and with a passion for the majestic Colorado outdoors, I have decided that the end-all celebration for this – and most – holidays includes a festive 5K. In this case: St. Patty’s Day 5K #pursuitofgreenconcoctions.