A lesson in gratitude: a touching post on how to live in the moment as a mom

The cup of juice slips, crashes, splashes… juice splatters on every conceivable surface. The muddy boots of small feet hurriedly romp onto the living room carpet just seconds before you yell, “Take those shoes off!” The home-office is piled high with an assortment of children’s drawings, miscellaneous receipts, junk mail and last week’s newspaper. You think the folder containing the plan for the school carnival will balance on top, but you’re wrong. The entire pile spills like a waterfall over the edge and onto the floor. The husband comes home… 30 minutes late. I feel quite sure that you can add your own annoyances and mishaps to the list. (I could fill a book.) These types of daily incidents are the stuff of life. This “stuff” makes me want to pull my hair out, or on a more dramatic day,...

Random Thankfulness: An Oddball List

Gratitude for random things and people this Thanksgiving. How about you -- what off-the-beaten-path things are you thankful for?

How can I encourage moderation with gifts during the holidays?

Dear Mama Drama: My daughter is three and is starting to understand that the holiday season means presents. I have seen my older nieces and nephews become obnoxious and greedy at family gatherings, throwing tantrums when they don’t get exactly what they want. I’d like to prevent my daughter from being so obsessed. What ideas do you have? ~Moderate Mama (photo credit) Dear Moderate:

The Tao of Gratitude

A meditation on gratitude during yoga class prompts thoughts on how rich and abundant my life is. I find I'm grateful even for the icky parts.