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How do you plan to be happy in 2013?

As we are perched on the first day of the year with 364 blank pages ahead of us, let’s stop for a moment to think what we’d like to look back on next New Year’s Eve. What do we want to manifest in 2013? What do we value? How shall we spend our limited time (525,600 minutes)?

And how can we make sure we focus a wee bit on ourselves while we also take care of the needs of our family members?

First we identify what makes us happy. Some of the things I value most are my family, my health, my friends, and my passion for open adoption advocacy. These are what bring me happiness and satisfaction. What would be at the top of your list?

A simple test to predict future success & happiness

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day ~William Shakespeare

Worldly pressures, images and persuasions can be confusing and often misleading. If we are not careful, we can quickly stray from our original goals. We are continually exposed to media, social ideals and various other forms of information and unsolicited feedback, but thankfully, we have some insight and knowledge of these pressure pits which can help us thwart the mass of it…unfortunately, our children are still young and not as well prepared…but we are here to help them along their way!

This transitional time of year is a perfect opportunity to help remind ourselves – and our children – of what our values and priorities are, and take a closer look at our goals…in order to reevaluate our cause. Learning more about who we are wonderfully made to be will help navigate this wide open space. Discovering more about who we *want* to be and less about what the world is *pressuring* us to be can be the key to true happiness.

So, how do we help our families achieve these ideals?