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Expecting a baby? Want to conceive? Apps to help you plan

How did we ever have babies without our smartphones? I’m joking, of course. But with the array of fertility and pregnancy tracking apps available, there’s now a plethora of customized information at your fingertips showing you everything from the best days to try to conceive a baby to what your unborn child probably looks like in utero.

Trying to conceive a baby? Forget about counting out days on a paper calendar. These apps will track your most fertile days for you. The most basic conception apps track a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you’re willing to pay a little something extra, there are apps that provide you with more specific information about the best time to try for that baby.

The Period Tracker | Android, iOS; free

Enter the start and end dates of your last period and this app will estimate your next period, ovulation, and most fertile days for the next three months on a calendar. You can mark “intimate” days and note symptoms. Upgrade to the “Deluxe” version ($1.99) and you can join social groups from your app focusing on specific issues.

Ovulation Calendar and Fertility Calendar | Android, iOS; free

This somewhat simpler app cuts to the chase: Enter the dates for your last period and it will tell you your most fertile days. It will also tell you your baby’s due date should you conceive on one of those days.

Maybe Baby 2013 | iOS; $4.99

A quick glance will tell you if you’re fertile today, when to expect your next period and when you’ll ovulate next. Click over to the calendar and they’ll predict whether you’ll have a boy or girl based on the date you conceive, though I wouldn’t put money on those predictions.

Get Baby | Android; free

Like Maybe Baby, Get Baby shows you at a glance if you’re fertile today and what dates your period and ovulation are most likely to fall. It also predicts the gender of your baby based on conception date.

Pink Pad Period Tracker | Android, iOS; free

Don’t be put off by the name — not all of the graphics in this app are pink. This calendar app tracks your period and most fertile days as well as letting you take note of symptoms. You can set up discreet reminders alerting you to your fertile days. And you can join communities to discuss specific issues.

So you’re already pregnant? What else do you want to know? When I was pregnant with my son I was consumed with curiosity about his development. What body parts was he growing now? What did he look like? A sonogram will only tell you so much. Now there are apps that can provide you with much more information, at least based on where you are in your pregnancy. Something to keep in mind: These apps are not going to be 100 percent accurate for you and are meant to be mostly for fun. They are not a substitute for doctor’s visits or real medical tests.

BabyBump Pregnancy | Android, iPhone; free

This app tracks each week of your pregnancy, showing you illustrations and diagrams, and suggesting symptoms you may be feeling. There’s a countdown to your due date, and you can join discussion forums from the app.

WebMD Pregnancy | iOS; free

This app gives you information about your baby’s development and your own body through your pregnancy. You can snap photos of your growing belly and place them in a slideshow. The app also provides you with a list of suggested questions for your next doctor’s visit.

Pregnancy++ | Android, iOS; $2.99

Get daily and weekly updates and graphics for your baby’s development and your body’s changes.

BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today | Android, iOS; free

Get daily information and advice for your pregnancy and see your baby’s development with medical illustrations and 3D animations. You also get pregnancy checklists, a nutrition calendar and access to forums.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker | iOS; free

Ovia claims to be “smarter” than the average pregnancy tracking app because it can give you more personalized information about your pregnancy. You provide more information about your health and age, and Ovia will give you health and risk alerts based on that data. The app also dispenses advice on nutrition, vitamin supplements, tracks your sleep, and it lets you record everything from your moods to your baby’s kicks. You can even collect photos.

CineMama | iOS; free

Looking for something a little light and fun? This app lets you snap photos of your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. After you give birth, the app will compile all your photos into a little movie with the soundtrack of your choice.

And there you go — everything you need to track your pregnancy. Just remember, these apps are just to satisfy your curiosity and help you plan for your baby. They are no substitute for a real doctor’s advice. However, they can help you engage more actively in your pregnancy in a multitude of different ways.