Gardening Mama: Here Comes Summer!

I am one of the world’s worst gardeners – not for a lack of desire though. I want to have a lush landscape of flowers in every color of the rainbow, butterfly’s gracefully swooping from one magnificent bloom to the next, luxuriant deep green grass in which to wiggle my toes. I want to have a thriving jungle in my back yard with vegetables in every color of the rainbow, harmless yellow bees buzzing from one zucchini blossom to the next tomato blossom, carrots to munch on every hour of every summer day. But, sigh, my front lawn is mostly dirt this year as my kids sledded heavily on sparse snow taking all the tender brown scrub that wanted to be my lush green lawn. My backyard is only slightly better. Despite the dry, brown appearance of what truly is the ugliest front yard ...

Gardens give kids a chance to play, learn (plus five easy species to plant)

Want to get your kids into the dirt? Here are some suggestions for quick- growing, quick-reward plants from Terry Carter of Designs by Sundown and others. 1. Carrots: Kids will enjoy planting the seeds, then thinning them out. You can also start the plants in a glass to watch germination happen. Best of all, it’s a root vegetable they actually like to eat, unlike strong- tasting turnips or radishes. 2. Pumpkins: Kids can watch them grow a bit every day, and then there’s the wonder of the pumpkin itself. In fall, they have a fun gourd to make a jack- o’-lantern out of. 3. Sunflowers: They grow so quickly, kids can see a difference every day. Have them measure the growth. And the seeds can be fed to the birds, or the kids can eat them. There’s a variety for every size...

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