Darling Colorado Comfort and Fashion — Win a $100 shopping spree at Soybu Women’s Activewear!

It’s the beginning of the year, and it’s cold, and you want comfort! It’s also the beginning of the year and you want to be fit, “sticking” to those New Year’s resolutions and feeling good about yourself. I wish there was a simple answer to this dilemma, but the closest I have found this year is in thanks to Soybu.  Is it a new yogurt? The newest workout fad? Those would probably help; however, it’s actually a two-decades’ old clothing and lifestyle label that just launched it’s newest brand. Soybu is a Colorado-based Active Fashion Group’s solution to comfort, function and style for women created by Colorado moms and daughters. It’s brilliant and simple. Pun intended, the colors are eye-catching and just the pop you need this long, cold winter (and we’re giving away a $100 shop...

Product Pick: Kids can make their own soda (and have fun doing it) with Soda Stream

My mom used to act like a can of pop (yes, I say pop – go ahead and psychoanalyze where I’m from because I don’t call it “soda” or “coke”) was a super treat. We only got one every once in a while or on special occasions. And most definitely, we were not allowed to act silly with it – like blow bubbles into the cup.  (I know EVERYONE else was allowed to do that!) I have carried much of that mindset into my life – albeit a bit more relaxed because we live in 2014 when we swing by the fast food joints much more often than I would personally desire. I recently received the new Soda Stream source to review. This slick little unit is pretty cute (and doesn’t take a lot of counter space) – it looks pretty slick. Plus it means ...

Nightmare on Curtis Street: A Spooky Staycation at Denver’s Quirkiest Hotel

Here’s the thing about haunted hotels. I’ve always been fascinated by them but when push comes to shove, do I really want a ghost encounter giving me nightmares? That answer is a resounding “NO!” But Nightmare on Curtis Street,  on the other hand, is more up my haunted alley.  The Curtis- a DoubleTree by Hilton in the heart of Denver has dreamed up a fun staycation for Denver families to have a memorable…and fun Halloween! Their package includes: ·         Overnight accommodations on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013 on the 13th floor (which is “haunted” and has loads of spooky characters roaming around!)

DIY for all ages: NoCo Mini Maker Faire gets kids into science Oct. 5

Think of the NoCo Mini Maker Faire on Oct. 5 as a combination of robotics, creative problem-solving, DIY projects and a nerdy version of the Pinewood Derby. “It’s all of those things wrapped into one,” says organizer Elizabeth Weiland. She decided to organize the event as a way to meet others with similar interests in science, engineering and problem-solving. Such fairs have become popular across the U.S. As Weiland made the rounds of potential exhibitors and participants for her own, the response astonished her.

Events: Cultimate Festival, Heroes Against Hunger and More!

Heroes Against Hunger Summer Block Party. Help fight child hunger On Saturday, August 17th from noon-5 p.m. at the University of Denver Campus Green. Admission is FREE and kids can enjoy carnival games, a bounce castle, and great food, which will cost less than $4. Currently, one in five kids in Colorado struggles with hunger. Chefs Daniel Asher of Linger, Brandon Foster of Vesta Dipping Grill, Jeff Osaka of Twelve, Matt Selby of Corner House and Tyler Wiard of Elway’s will join Cummings to create and serve their favorite dishes. Local farmers, Denver Urban Gardens, MM Local, Source Local Foods, and Whole Foods will set up a farmers market to show off local produce. Community organizations like Cooking Matters Colorado, Produce for Pantries, and Slow Food will give cooking demonstrations. ...

Back-to-school fashions for 2013 as seen on 9News!

It’s the most beloved or dreaded time of year: back-to-school shopping! This morning on 9News My20 at 8:40 a.m., I’ll be doing a fashion show with all the latest styles featured below from Kohl’s, Dillard’s and The Children’s Place. Disclaimer: My children and family friends are my models. That’s my way of saying there may be swinging from the chandeliers. Or rather, from the studio lights.

It’s summer: Time for crawdad fishing in Denver’s neighborhood streams and ponds

August looms and kids all over Denver are itching for fishing, or anything else to while away the last days of summer.  CRAWDADS! — those crustaceans of the shallows that lurk in every slow-moving body of water in town, await their nemeses. One can almost picture them flourishing their pincers in a ‘Bring it on!’ moment. The recommended equipment for crawdad-fishin’ is rather tricky and expensive.  Here is your shopping list, Mom: 1) a stick. 2) a string. 3) a paperclip. 4) a hot dog. Seriously, the beauty of crawdad-fishin’ is its simplicity:

This summer, bring back the art of the fort

Building a fort with my kids takes me down my own memory lane of summers in the 1970s. Maybe you can relate.

Disney World: The Magical Land of Forced Fun

I’ve seen many helpful blogs here in the Mile High Mamas about tips for getting the most out of your trip to Disney World. And I’m just going to be upfront about this right now: This is not one of them. But I’m betting that if you’re planning on making the trip any time this summer, it will be one that you think about while you’re there.

Penny store

If your kids are learning to add, about money, or to be an entrepreneur, suggest a penny store. Save your pennies, and get ready for big fun. Supplies: Sticky notes for prices Pencil or pen Table or bench for the “store” Cash register (if you have one) Items to sell — see below Pennies ( – nickels and dimes for older kids) for the seller and the buyer in purses, containers or pockets What to sell: beads and pipe cleaners to make bracelets matchbox cars books Polly Pocket stuff rocks recycled supplies for art projects cut up words for poems toys that didn’t get put away throughout the week ANYTHING except your little sister Now, for the pricing. Start out with one penny per item. When the “customer” buys three penny items, the seller will total it up. 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Play. Be sure...

Wave your flags, it’s the fourth of July

The 4th of July reminds us adults that we’re in free country! Kids, not so much . . . Look at the flag – get small ones if you can. Colors? Stars? All have meaning, did you know? The stripes = 13 = the number of original colonies The stars = 50 = the number of states in our country The colors = red, white, blue = Red: valor; White: innocence; Blue = Justice *If you want, say together the Pledge of Allegiance: I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Think of all the activities for stripes and stars in red, white and blue! Many websites will tell you step by step instructions. I’m a big fan of providing materials and letting your kids cre...