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Bedtime fun

You’re done with the bath, jammies, brushing teeth and bedtime stories. Now what?

Tell a silly story.

Play quiet games.

Read in bed. (I like to pretend I’m being REALLY nice, “I gueeesss you can read.” . . when of course, I’m thinking yippee!)  The best way to see in the dark room, especially if your little sister is asleep is a headlamp. My husband even reads with a headlamp– I think it was his favorite birthday present to date – which possibly shows how lame my other gifts have been.

Glow in the dark decals make bedtime double the fun! Let your kids arrange glow in the dark stars, sheep or fireflies. I found some cute deals with Design with a Z and the coolest glow in the dark paint from Risk Reactor.

Finally, talk about the day.  Sometimes sleeping procrastination encourages revelations – at least it does for my second grader.