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How do I handle the bad behavior of my kids’ friends?

Dear Mama Drama:

Hope it’s okay I’m a dad.

My wife and I have a 4 year old in preschool and have recently been struggling with whom our little guy is friends. There is one particular boy at school that we feel is a bad influence from whom our son seems to be picking up bad habits. Should we let his teacher know and perhaps ask them to not allow them to spend so much time together throughout the day?

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We even have the kid’s mother now asking for play dates and we’re not sure if we should encourage our son to hang out with this other little boy. Are we being too protective and controlling?  What would your advice be for encouraging our son to hang out with nicer, more well-behaved kids?

Thanks ~ Flustered Father

Mama Drama: Friendship Frustrations

Dear Mama Drama:

I have two sons who are very outgoing, but very unique. Both struggle with making lasting friendships at school and say that others seem to avoid them. They often blast in instead of joining into groups or repeat annoying behavior when they have been asked to stop. My oldest son does gross and obnoxious things and my youngest is always showing off in attempts to get attention. When they complain about how they are treated at school they seem to have no idea how their behavior is impacting others. I’m at a loss.

~ Concerned Mama