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The New J-O-B: Defined by Innovative Denver Moms

There is something about your youngest heading off to kindergarten. It makes you feel as if you will suddenly have time on your hands. It fills your head with ideas about working out again, reading again, taking up a hobby, and of course, going back to work.

We too once wore lipstick and shoes with heels that click-clicked down long marble hallways. We used to close our office door when we needed to think. We had lunch meetings.

We strategized and launched businesses, wrote white papers and crunched numbers for annual reports. We hired and fired people who did our bidding. Despite the high heels, we climbed corporate ladders… some to glass ceilings, which we sometimes broke. We put in hours and hours at the office, with our next promotion always top of mind.

Then we took time off while our kids were young. The suits we did not donate to Goodwill are out of style and do not fit quite like they used to. The technology and business lingo we spoke has been replaced many times over. The companies we knew have merged with others, and our contact lists we saved are useless. The managers we labored for have disappeared into the mist of memory, rarely logging into LinkedIn where we have our only chance of tracking them down for a reference. Do they remember how good I was? Are they still mad at me for having kids?