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Creative Ideas to Keep Your Food-Allergic Child Safe this Halloween

As a parent of a child with food allergies, does Halloween make your skin crawl?  What’s a parent to do when they want to keep their child safe but their little goblin so desperately wants to join in on the door to door fun? Here are a few strategies to consider:

Enlist the Help of a Few Neighbors 

 1.    SECRET PASSWORD:  Nobody wants a child to miss out on the big night.  Most friends and neighbors will be thrilled to stash your candy alternatives by their front door.  If your alternative treat needs to be kept separate from other food substances,  be sure to let them know.  If your child is old enough and/or you are not present,  just tell them that  Mrs. Smith needs to hear the secret password (e.g. “monster mash”) because she is saving something just for them.

Fun-Sized Season is No Fun for Peanut Allergic Kids

It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween and Fall harvest parties. How do I know this? Because the stores told me. The moment the first bell rang on the first day of school, clerks everywhere sprang into action. Out with the lunch boxes and in with the treat buckets! If you don’t have your costumes chosen or created by now, you might as well start cutting eye holes in your Egyptian cotton sheets. Show me your treat sack. Here’s a rock.

Because it’s the season of Fun Sized candies, I start getting nervous. Walking down aisles of candies, candies, and candies confirms we are a country deeply in love with our peanuts. I won’t mention brand names, but the deluge of Futterbingers, Nickers, and Peese’s Reanutbutter Goblets scream how popular dusty little legumes can be—especially when coated in chocolate. Who doesn’t like the tiny but mighty peanut?

Those of us who have peanut-allergic kids.