Colorado floods relief: How to help victims, those affected

With recent floods impacting communities all across Colorado, there’s several ways you can contribute to the disaster relief efforts. Dozens of charities and nonprofits are accepting donations. But it’s also important to know scams are out there. If you have any concerns about the group you might be donating to visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website: http://www.sos.state.co.us/ccsa/CcsaInquiryMain.do Here are some groups accepting donations for flood victims:

Colorado floods: Flash flood a good reminder to have a home evacuation kit ready

The afternoon that the Lower North Fork Fire started, I received a text alert on my cell phone from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. It was a mandatory evacuation notice, and my heart leapt into my throat. I looked out my home office window in Arvada to see a huge plume of smoke to the south. My immediate thought went to our Evacuation Plan. In my head, I started our four step process: 1) Where is Claire, my kindergartener? (in her room playing) 2) Where are my cats? (both asleep on our bed) 3) How quickly can I get to the three “Go-Bag” backpacks we have hanging downstairs? (less than 30 seconds)