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Balancing short-term family needs with long-term retirement planning

The Husband and I were recently running late for a consultation. As we lovingly bickered about the building’s location — he had already turned around twice — he accidentally sideswiped a car.

I share this lovely outtake from our marriage because the person with whom we were meeting was Andrea Blackwelder of Wisdom Wealth Strategies, our certified financial planner. We were en route to discuss how to balance saving for retirement with the real-time demands of kids and life’s unexpected road bumps.

The irony is not lost on me.

For many parents it’s tough to prioritize the future over omnipresent children’s needs, life’s exigencies and, in our case, cars in blind spots.

Lynn Clark, 44, of Denver, has almost drained her retirement account to start her portrait photography business. “As a self-employed person, I can’t currently