Father’s Day

15 fun family events for Father’s Day weekend

There are plenty of events in Denver for Father’s Day weekend including the Colorado BBQ Challenge, Greek Festival, Evergreen Rodeo, Denver Comic Con and more. See our event calendar for additional information Evergreen Rodeo at El Pinal Rodeo Grounds  June 17  – 19  The Evergreen Rodeo is a Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) event that takes place in the beautiful mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado on Father’s Day weekend. The Rodeo Weekend includes a Friday family fun night, a fabulous Saturday morning parade through downtown Evergreen, and afternoon rodeo performances on Saturday and Sunday.  Do At The Zoo  June 16, 7:00 pm Calling all party animals! On June 16, Do At The Zoo is the place to be for all who love food, lots of food, while s...

Because Dad can’t be Mom, he can’t sleep like a baby either

I don’t have a newborn baby in my house — if I did, I think I’d know. But my friend Tom is expecting a baby — or rather, he’s expecting his wife to give him a baby. “What’s it like?” Tom asked. “Having a new baby.” I think back to the sleeplessness surrounding the initial few weeks in the life of my first child. (I’ve always said that having a baby presents a great chance to catch up on your awake.) “Picture enemy artillery,” I advise. My basic position on newborns is that they are like car alarms going off in the middle of the night, and only the mother knows the code to reset them. Look, I’ve spent most of my life observing women’s chests, and they are completely different from mine — I’m simply not equip...

Gift Ideas For Tech-loving Dads

Stumped on great last minute gifts for dad? Here are a few great options for the technology loving father you're buying for.

Father’s Day: An Emotional Day When You’re Celebrating Without A Father

Father’s Day is not what it used to be.  I’ve gotten used to many of the milestones I have faced since I became a widow, almost 4 years ago.  I can jolly us through Christmas and be thankful on Thanksgiving.  I can even look at his birthday as a celebration of his life.  But Father’s Day is a day devoted to celebrating fathers.  And the fact that my kids have lost theirs…well…that can’t be glossed over.

7 Great Father’s Day Tradition Ideas and How Horton Had It Right

My son Bode is thoughtful, kind and beloved by everyone. I can count on one hand how many tantrums he’s ever thrown, and he prides himself on being responsible. How many 5-year-olds do you know like that? He is also analogous to an 8-ton pachyderm. Case in point: We recently encountered another boy at the park whose constant barrage of insults quickly wore on me, but Bode continued playing with him. At one point, the kid demanded, “You need to watch my shark!” and without waiting for consent, he flitted off. Bode simply placed the shark on a ledge and carefully cupped his hands over it. When it appeared the kid wasn’t coming back from playing anytime soon, I told Bode, “You don’t need to do that, you know.” Bode didn’t READ ON

Father’s Day GIVEAWAY worth over $500—one lucky dad wins a phil&teds carrier, watch, sports sandals, backpack, hiking guide and candy

Dad goods galore! Register to win your husband or significant other one heck of a prize package filled with outdoor products, cool packs and candy to sweeten the holiday: phil&teds, OG Sack, RumbaTime, Native Shoes, Sugarlicious, Guide to Camping with Kids phil&teds FOR DAD—LET HIM ESCAPE . . WITH THE KIDS Mmmm . . this might be more of a gift for mom than dad, but why not bestow the best child carrying backpack for dad; it will save you the backache! phil&teds has amazing products for family adventure, and their Escape will not disappoint. The Fort Collins-based company has loaded this pack with all the bells and whistles to help make hiking comfortable and enjoyable for the camel, i.e. dad. The Escape is a strong and compact carrier with extra padding and breathability. There...

A shout-out to dads

Happy Father’s Day to all those Mile High Papas out there! Love, The Mamas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sure, we may be Mile High Mamas but we’re all about the Papas in our lives. Disney’s FamilyFun magazine has some great Father’s Day ideas: A Grate Gift for Dad. This clever trio is a tasty way to honor the King of the Grill on Father’s Day. And who doesn’t love dessert (they’re cupcakes!)? Formal Greetings. Even if the dad in your house isn’t a shirt-and-tie kind of guy, he’s sure to love this stylish Father’s Day card. Crafty Computer Frame. We’ve all seen decorative mouse pads, but what about the computer itself? This

Top 10: How you know your husband is obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin

With Mother’s Day behind us, let us turn our attention to the men in our lives. I adore mine. He is a doting husband, attentive father and brilliant businessman. The only weakness I’ve found in him happens to weigh 1,000 pounds* and consumes most of his spare time. So in honor of him and fathers everywhere: Top 10: How You Know Your Husband is Obsessed with Growing The Great Pumpkin 10) You sneak up on your husband on the computer and the only lurid sites you have to worry about him viewing are BigPumpkins.com and his pumpkin blog DenverPumpkins.com. 9) While most people are making their pilgrimage to the local garden center with the intention of planting food they can eat, your husband is prepping the soil for his inedible 1,000-pound fruit. 8) During the off-season, your husb...