Farmer’s market

Denver Area Farmers Market Round-up

‘Tis the season to get out and go and there is no better place to do it than at the many area Farmer’s Markets. Besides just fresh, locally grown produce, Farmer’s Markets are a great place for children to learn (check-out Teaching Children a Fresh Perspective With Fresh Flowers and Fresh Produce). Mile High Mamas has compiled an extensive list of Denver-area Farmer’s Markets. Be sure to tell us your favorite and if we missed anyone.

Teaching Children a Fresh Perspective With Fresh Flowers & Fresh Produce at Farmer’s Markets

“Look, Mommy – a radish!” I beam with pride as my toddler excitedly points to the stack of pink-hued veggies on the table and correctly shouts the name. It’s Saturday morning and we’re wandering between tents at the Cherry Creek Farmers’ Market. For years I’ve enjoyed frequenting the various markets around town. I’d saunter through, comparing quality, chatting with the product owners, and maybe taking a few moments to sit at one of the café tables drinking in the live music and fragrances of the nearby baked goods being created right on site. It was spent enjoying a little time alone or catching up with a friend. These days, the markets have become a learning exercise. “How many plums do you see?” “What color are the onions?” We spend this sunny Colorado morning counting beets, listing col...